Bioscope Limited


Manpower Supply through Outsourcing in 20 Day Care Center of DWA

February 19, 2019

Bioscope Ltd. is working as a manpower supplier and training management for the Ministry Of Women and Children Affairs under the project 20 Daycare of the Country.

Name of the employer: Department of Women Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Bangladesh Government.


Bioscope Ltd. is involved with short film, issue based documents, spots etc. for message throwing among the people. The firm directly involved with advertising activities in health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS related message throwing and product marketing. It produced 12 different issue-based documentary and advertise the documents through private TV channel and radio. The firm also involved with advertising of services of some NGOs for training and accommodation.

Bioscope Ltd. has good experience in developing handicraft related short documents and used local paper and dish connection for advertising the products among the target people. The products pictures were broadcasted through dish channel and use the local paper for advertising the handicrafts.

Using indigenous cultural forms to advance the development process is one of Bioscope’s unique innovations. As an effective tool for advertising any activities, services, and products, the cultural events proved very successful. Bioscope Ltd. institutionalized this approach and brought such activities under people cultural program. From the very beginning of this program, Bioscope Ltd. extended the use of these traditional cultural forms to advertise issues and to fight against social injustice.