Bioscope Limited







  1. Name of the Company :  Bioscope Limited.


  1. Address of the Company   :  102, Block-Ka  Pisci Culture Housing Society,  Shyamoli, Mohammadpur,Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phone: 01715-025347



  1. Contact Person                                          :        Md. Abdul Awal Hemel




                                                                                    Moohummad Kamrul Hassan, PhD

Managing Director                                                


  1. Year of Establishment : 2005



  1. Type of Organization : Supplier, Outsourcing,Consultancy, Security

Service and Event Management firm.

  1. Income Tax and VAT Registration:
VAT Registration Number:            002242576-0402
TIN   Registration Number:

E-Trade license Number:

           280840697250/Circle-162, Dhaka




  1. Legal Status of the Organization:
Name of Concerned Department Registration No.
Registered of Joint Stock Companies  C-123913
Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments 183/2017-2018

Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments183/2017-2018

Background Information of the Organization:

Bioscope Ltd. is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm for conducting/running multidisciplinary research, applied research, program evaluation in various steps of the various type of organization like NGO & INGO and act as a Service provider, Financial organization, Out Sourcing, Security Service, Non- profit organization, institution, Training centre, Education centre, Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Consumer and related organization.

It is also carrying on the business of communication, media activation & events, event management, advertising and other related business and any kind of advertising business, Electronics & print media in Bangladesh & abroad. Carry on the business of digital marketing, international events, sports marketing, media syndication and business of similar nature.  Also carry on the business of trading, intend, import, export, and supply of any item, goods, commodities and products including corporate gift items. Carry on the business of real estate, housing, apartments and for the purpose to buy, purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire land, building or other movable or immovable properties and to sell, give on lease or otherwise dispose of the same with or without making development and constructions thereon.

It has got membership from a number of national and international networks and organizations. Bioscope has 56 different level staff (full time and part time) and volunteers. Among them some are central office staff and others are project staff.

Bioscope Ltd. provides businesses with a complete long-term marketing solution focusing on delivering real results, which enable you to grow your business. The firm works bases itself on a synergy of skills, teamwork motivation and excellence in providing the best service to the clients.

Bioscope Ltd. analyzes market variables to create strategies and tactics for brands and/or products. The firm work closely with clients on developing a complete marketing strategy and implement this with you, from making TV advertisement, OOH activities, branding beautification, website design, graphic design, logo, event management, TV, internet marketing.

Bioscope Ltd. analyzes customers’ insights through qualitative and quantitative research before stepping towards developing idea. Unlike other consulting companies, Bioscope targets its capacity in analyzing market evidence, gathering consumer insights through qualitative and quantitative research.